Release note

eXERD Software

eXERD Software Release note

Version 3.3.20 – 2022.01.19

New Features
  • MySQL 8.0 is supported.
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed an issue where supported properties were incorrectly exposed in MySQL > Table Properties > Add Method property.
  • Fixed a point where DDL preview and forward engineering DDL are displayed differently when creating MySQL > log file group.
  • MYSQL > Database Properties >. When the tablespace is deleted, the data file deletion DDL is not output. Fixed a problem that caused an error.
  • Intermittently after forward engineering. Fixed the error dialog being displayed.
  • MySQL > Tables > Indexes >. Modified to select only BTREE and HASH Index Types when creating PK Index and Unique Index.
  • Fixed an issue where MySQL > Reverse Engineering did not properly load partition-related property information.
  • In MySQL > Database Properties > Tablespace > Engine properties list, you can select only the list supported by MYSQL.
  • Help > DBMS properties > Schema properties, table properties, and multilingual processing of forward engineering items Fixed the problem.

Version 3.3.19 – 2022.01.10

Enhanced Contents
  • The problem that during reverse engineering of Oracle, even though the default value of a column is Null, has been fixed as it is added to the physical property and displayed as a DDL property.

Version 3.3.18 – 2022.01.07

Enhanced Contents
  • Fixed other bugs.

Version 3.3.17 – 2021.12.20

Enhanced Contents
  • Fixed eXERD not updating on some PCs.

Version 3.3.16 – 2021.12.15

Enhanced Contents
  • Supports Apple Silicon.