About Tomatosystem

It is a tomato system that
provides optimal service
through the best software.
Tomatosystem Like a tomato that is the same inside and out, a company that is transparent and sincerely true to the world
Tomato Systemhas been constantly striving to provide optimal service for its customers centered around the company’s technological and innovative expertise. We are leading the industry in various fields such as enterprise, software development, system integration, consulting, and IT outsourcing.

Tomato system is the No.1 IT service company in Korea and is set to become a model in terms of technology, culture and ethics and to become a company that creates a rich and healthy world with a competitive price and convenient software.
  • Trust

    We are creating a workplace
    where we can trust and rely on
    transparent management,

    just like the inside and outside tomatoes.

  • Impression

    We make high quality software
    with our technology,

    endeavoring to enrich and satisfy
    our customers' lives.

  • Innovation

    We are striving to become the world's
    best companyby securing technological

    competitiveness through constant
    innovation activities.

Contact us

  • Address 5, Nonhyeon-ro 128-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul,
    Republic of Korea
  • Tel +82. 3445. 2194
  • Fax +82. 3445. 2198