eXERD™ is an Eclipse-based, intelligent and intuitive E-R modeling tool. With eXERD, not only the experienced, but also beginners can do the database modeling with ease. eXERD™ will offer you a new world of modeling.

eXERD™ supports editing physical properties – including reverse/forward engineering from/to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, and MySQL. More than that, it is supposed to support Korean domestic databases later.

What Is Different?

From various aspects, eXERD™ pursuits new values based on unique beliefs.

  • eXERD™ makes the user’s work a pleasant one and thus raises efficiency.
  • eXERD™ informs situations with simple, explicit animations, instead of long and complex messages.
  • eXERD™ puts focus more on the working patterns of the users than the product features specification.
  • eXERD™ does not let people do the works that need not be done by human power.
  • eXERD™ try to understand the exact intention of the user’s commands.

You Can Do Whatever With eXERD™

There is nothing impossible in computing world. The thing is how to do it? Now you can design database modeling more graceful, creative, innovative and faster way. Using one of the most advanced developing tools, you can be more productive and creative expert.

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