Various automatization of eXERD™ drastically reduces the working time.

Edit as you see.

eXERD™ enables you to design E-R models with ease, as if you edit a spreadsheet.

eXERD™ traces the changes visually.

eXERD™ offers the comparison & merge feature so that enables you to trace the history, compare and merge – with files, current and last versions, and with database.

Tracing Consistency and Automatic Modification.

eXERD™ has checking and correcting function to help you with management of consistency of the E-R model.

Amazing Artificial Intelligence.

Still having a hard time in rearranging the entangled relationship lines? Have a look around a whole new way of working.

Quick Search.

Using various search functions, you can move to the spot you want in a moment.

Reverse Engineering

By reverse engineering, you can obtain the E-R model even in the form of a excellent diagram.

More will be added soon!
eXERD™ is an Eclipse-based, intelligent and intuitive E-R modeling tool. With eXERD, not only the experienced, but also beginners can do the database modeling with ease. eXERD™ will offer you a new world of modeling.
eXERD™ supports editing physical properties – including reverse/forward engineering from/to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and MySQL. More than that, it is supposed to support Korean domestic databases later.

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